About Palmer Group

Palmer Group, previously known as Palmer & Co, was established 17th of February 1997. From the very beginning, we have had Champagne Palmer in our portfolio; Champagne Palmer was established in 1847 and celebrated 170 years in 2017. We are today a team consisting of 18 proud employees, and we have revenues of around 220 million kroner – equal to approximately 23 million euros. almost one third of this amount was alcohol taxes, and we provide almost 1,8 million liters of alcohol to the Norwegian market.

Horeca makes up 40% of our business, this makes us unique in Norway. Palmer Group works with the Norwegian Vinmonopolet, Horeca, and the B2B market. We have 30 “Base-listings” in the Vinmonopolet selection, and approximately 400 products in the online order catalog.

PALMER WINE is our diversified wine-portfolio. Most of our wine producers are from Europe, but in recent years we have strengthened our portfolio by collaborating with quality producers in USA, Argentina, South Africa and New Zealand. We offer everything from typical low-price bestsellers, to more complex terroir influenced wines.

PALMER SPIRITS represents a range of carefully selected spirit brands. Our portfolio consists of a wide selection including Cognac Chateau Montifaud, our own Husholdningsproducts and other Norwegian produced products from Himkok and Aurora Spirit Distillery.

PALMER BEER includes some of the best breweries from local Norwegian brands, and international brands. What they have in common is the pursuit of the best quality and taste.

Our employees

Lars Reidar Huth

CEO | Partner

Mob. +47 91 37 09 35


Pål Atle Skjervengen

COO | Partner

Mob. +47 907 51 135


Helge Steingrim

Portfolio Manager Wine

Mob. +47 920 48 991


Morten Hofseth Olsen

Commercial Director Spirits

Mob. (+47) 901 85 230


Fredrik Horvli Buck

Marketing Coordinator

Mob. +47 977 58 851


Mona Seem


Mob. +47 951 51 491


Linda Merete Bergman

Portfolio Manager Wine

Mob. +47 40 47 69 75


Lars Asbjørn Adskim

Portfolio Manager Wine

Mob. +47 993 58 029


Mats Agstam

Portfolio Manager Spirits

Mob. +47 48 25 67 84


Björn Broman

Sales Manager On Trade | HoReCa

Mob. +47 413 82 891


Mads Samuelsen

Key Account Manager On Trade | HoReCa

Mob. +47 466 75 292


Anette Kvikstad Eriksen

Key Account Manager On Trade | HoReCa

Mob. +47 938 58 054


Hege Svensson

Key Account Manager On Trade | HoReCa

Mob. +47 974 10 256


Carolina Bodin

Portfolio Manager Beer

Mob. +47 984 01 884


Kim Daniel Bergersen

Brand Ambassador Beer & Spirits

Mob. +47 416 88 961


Jesper Høst

Brand Ambassador / Portfolio Manager Spirits

Mob. +47 995 72 338


Christian Otter

Portfolio Manager Wine

Mob. +47 400 08 284

Riedel & Palmer

In 2016 we started a cooperation with Riedel and Howard. We are humble and proud to represent the Riedel brand to the Horeca Market.


Palmer also represents Coravin in cooperation with Howard. Coravin can be purchased directly from us, and delivered to your restaurant.



All our employees have backgrounds from the service industry and know customer relations. We believe that this is vital in order to be able to put yourself in the shoes of our customers, and feel that this makes us unique in terms of the service we are able to provide. We are lucky to be able to work with a diverse and interesting portfolio, which always is developing, and is becoming increasingly diverse. New producers are joining us each year, and we keep learning about new fields of interests continuously. This is what inspires us to always become better, and this is why we love our jobs!