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Ch Montifaud XO Silver

Ch Montifaud XO Silver - More than 5 years in the Norwegian market!

Château Montifaud Cognac V.S.O.P. is one of Norways best selling Cognacs in its segment, and sells more than 75 000 bottles each year. But this wonderfull producer has several varieties in their portfolio, many available in the base-listings at Vinmonopolet.

Just more than 5 years ago it was discussed between the people previously working at Chateau Montifaud, Michel and Cathrine Vallet and Palmer Group if it would be possible to add another XO variety to their portfolio. As the proper family business they are, Michel and Cathrine went back home to Cognac to discuss this with their son Laurent and their daughter-in-law Elodie. The idea gained traction and they started working on the idea.

Elodie is a magician when it comes to design, and Laurent and Michel composed a blend of Cognacs which was aged in casks between 20 and 23 years. After a few attemps on content and design, Chateau Montifaud XO silver was born.

The design is pure and timeless, while maintaining a modern look. The silver aliminium cylinder which wraps around the bottle is both functional and works as a protection for the bottle, and it makes it a perfect gift for a special occasion.

Deep goldebrown colour. Smells of aromatical and pleasent dry fruits. Rounded taste and your palet is left with a complex and pleasent aftertaste.

The biggest acknowledgment to date came in 2017 where XO silver was given the GOLD award at the International Spirits Challenge.

There are just a few Cognac houses which is able to call themselves a Chateau in Cognac, and one of them is Chateau Montifaud, who enjoys a great history. Chateau Montifaud is a family owned Chateau, established in 1837, and run by the Vallet family through six generations. The producer is based in Jarnac-Champagne in Petite Champagne with wineranks both here and in Grande Champagne.

One of Chateau Montifauds most important areas of focus is the quality of the soil, filled with limestone which provides the quality before destillation. They distill the wine while still containing the sediment, and they never mix the different appelations of wine in order to keep the distinctive flavours of each appelation. They are also concerned with keeping the cask character to a moderate degree in order to keep the complexity of the wine. No usage of caramel for color or sweetening.